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The law requires that the National Police Service notify the Authority of all cases involving death and serious injury that occur during police action. The Authority also receives complaints alleging serious police misconduct.

Investigations will be conducted into all cases involving serious injury or death and the most serious complaints alleging criminal offending, misconduct or neglect of duty that cause the greatest level of public concern, or having serious implications for the reputation of the Service.

The Authority has investigators, selected for their experience, expertise and integrity.

Investigations are supported by a number of specialised units and highly skill individuals including legal advisors.

The Authority’s investigators have backgrounds in human rights investigations, law, policing and other relevant investigative work and receive additional support from an international expert in the field of policing oversight as well as the United Nations and various governments.

Collectively they are experienced in serious crime investigation, fraud, corruption, serious human rights violations, gender based violence and a wide range of other criminal conduct matters.

The quality and integrity of their work is assured through oversight by the Investigations Manager and the Authority’s Board.


When the Authority independently investigates a case it will:

1.Ensure that appropriate terms of reference are clearly defined and an investigation plan is established.

2.Ensure the investigation is conducted in a professional and ethical manner and risk management strategies are adopted.

3.Constantly review investigations to ensure they remain focused.

4.Ensure appropriate confidentiality and security is maintained with respect to the investigation and information.

5.Reach evidence-based conclusions as soon as practicable.

6.Report on the investigation findings, conclusions and recommendations.

7.Remain independent and objective at all times throughout the investigative process.

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