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The Authority considers complaints alleging misconduct or neglect of duty by the Police, or about Police practices, policies, and procedures affecting the complainant.

The Authority also considers incidents of death and serious injury caused by Police action. The Police have to inform IPOA about these incidents. The Authority  can also investigate on its own motion.

Please READ all the GUIDELINES here.

Use the form below to file your complaint. All fields marked * are mandatory.


If you are in the police service, state the following:


Which Police Officer(s) are you complaining about?
Which Police Station is he/she stationed?
Where did the incident happen?
Are there any witnesses?

Which Police Officer(s)/Members of the public witnessed the incident?
What is the nature of the complaint?
When did the incident happen that led to your complaint? If more than one date/time, please specify.
Do you have any evidence to support your complaints? If so, please provide:
If the complainant has been medically examined, give details of the medical examination and the medical officer who attended
Is the complainant/victim being held in police custody? If so state the police station he/she is/was held (if applicable)
Is the complainant subject to any court proceedings?

Have you made this complaint to any other institution? If yes state where and what action has been taken
What specific issues you want the authority to inquire into?
What action do you want taken?
Indicate the outcome that you hope to achieve with this complaint
Indicate any other relevant information
Attach any other relevant documents (hold CTLR key to select multiple files)

I confirm all the information I have given is true to my knowledge

betvolem.combetlikegir.comanadolu casinowiibet.comrestbetcdn.comebetebet.combetturkeytwitch viewer bothack forum
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