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IPOA chairperson Anne Makori speaks to professionals participating in a validation forum for the Authority’s Strategic Plan 2019 – 2024. The meeting took place in Nairobi, May 28, 2019.

The Independent Policing Oversight Authority is committed to deliver a professional Police Service to Kenyans, the Chairperson Anne Makori has said.

She made the pledge to external stakeholders who were meeting to discuss a roadmap meant to steer the National Police Service to police professionalism, which includes enhancing accountability and discipline among other issues.

“I am confident that the new Strategic Plan, being a product of extensive stakeholder participation, will deliver for Kenyans a professional police service. I urge you to contribute towards improving the draft,” said Mrs Makori.

And to ensure that the dream of a professional police service is realized, the draft proposal gives priority to; police accountability, cooperation with other institutions, research and information management and institutional capacity.

Furthermore, the proposals are hinged on the aspirations of the Vision 2030, the Big Four Agenda, the Sustainable Development Goals as well as the Africa Agenda 2063; which are major blueprints embraced by the National Government to pursue short and long term development exploits.

The chairperson also said: “Strategic planning is a critical process for all organisations especially those in Government, which apart from considering their own mandates during planning, must additionally cast their aspirations and incorporate public views and opinions through stakeholder forum.”

The vice chairperson Dr Jonathan Lodumpui added: “This plan will see the Authority through its functions for the next five years. It will ensure that all levels, the Board, senior management and staff will be thinking together for a purpose.”

The discussion was attended by among others, senior police officers, pathologists, human rights officials, lawyers and medical officers who represented the civil society, foreign missions, as well as State institutions.

“The police have opened doors to IPOA for inspections. Today, every officer is accountable for their actions when it comes to misconduct. Where firearms are used justification is not proved, officers are held accountable,” he said.

Speaking at the forum, senior police officer William Saiya noted that IPOA and the IAU are independent and conduct their affairs free of any interference.

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